We process every order with intention that you will like our service and use it for all your future projects. We care for every detail in your design and put lots of thought to provide a good quality code. Our team hand code complete markup and style sheet with focus on load speed optimization, search engine friendliness and cross browser compatibility.

  • Load Speed Optimization (Optimized Images, Shorthand CSS, CSS Sprites for Rollover)
  • Well Structured, Fully Hand Coded, Table Less HTML and CSS
  • Cross Browser Compatibility (IE7+, FireFox, Chrome, Safari)
  • Search Engine Friendly and Semantic Markup
  • W3C Standard Compliance
  • Implementation of Industry Best Practices

How it works

Analyse We analyse your design and given information to plan the structure and make sure that everything we need is there.

Code We slice your design into optimized images and hand code the required HTML,CSS and JavaScript.

Test We perform cross browser testing and overall troubleshooting. Then we deploy your code for demonstration on our server.

Deliver On approval of demonstration, we send you the code files in a zip.