Reseller Plan
reseller plan
About Neosol
Business package is an ideal hosting for corporate clients as well as who want to Host more than one website and are very concious about unlimited hosting space; in business web hosting package you can add 5 domains at a time as well as bandwidth. You are going to experience unlimited disk space with unlimited MySql Databases right now Neosol offers Business package for Expert users and enterprise, with sites host up to 5 websites, In which a user manage all their websites on a single account in very cheap price. That is our guarantee, you could never find such best, cheap, full featured and user friendly control panel business webhosting package.

Main plan to introduce this business website hosting plane with unlimited hosting features was to present the best which could be possible in the field of web hosting business, fact belong to common sense as you can host your 5 website in the cost of one website with a huge hard disk space and unlimited bandwidth, in other words we can say this unlimited website hosting package can run your 5 website in no cost where there is no need to further up gradation of any package, your one time solution for life, you can otherwise compare our business plan with any of the world's website hosting company.

One who wants to host only one website or domain but need unlimited resources, which never ends up, our best business package welcome them to make it their part of online business. We have created that business package in a sense that it will put your business on climax because it will never let your website down.

We suggest you, if you are going to make any website for your business, our business hosting plan must be your first priority to secure your business for long time, at the same time it would be our priority to take your business up to sky.