Evergreen Tweets: How it helps to engage a Twitter audience

Evergreen Tweets How it helps to engage twitter audience

Are you always thinking about what to post next on your Twitter account to increase engagement? With the right tweets, you can stay relevant and connected to your target audience.  However, it is not always easy to come up with creative, short, and sweet messages or tweets that would hit home with your consumers every time.

The trick is to create a few great, evergreen tweets using content that will always stay relatable and relevant to your audience despite time or season. A tweet that will keep engaging and attracting people is twice as effective for brand engagement than putting out new content every day! 

What is an Evergreen Tweet?

An evergreen tweet is a tweet that will stay relevant today, tomorrow, next month, or even after a year. You can use it again and again to draw the attention of your Twitter audience that will help you build a strong brand profile or promote your content, services, and products.

Despite the short nature of Twitter content, having a few evergreen tweets is way more advantageous for your Twitter marketing strategy than tweeting new content every day. It will help you perform better and efficiently ultimately. 

How can You Use the Evergreen Tweet Feature?

Digital Marketing Specialists from all over the world use amazing twitter tools to create effective and engaging Twitter campaigns for promoting their brand or for marketing purposes. These tools help you generate automated content, increase engagement with your market and audience by automatically liking tweets according to your preferences, or schedule tweet posting at specific times of the day.

One of the most important features of these Twitter tools is the Evergreen Tweet Feature. This feature automatically schedules and shares one of your evergreen tweets without any intervention from you. This means that your tweet is kept on sharing automatically to engage the new consumers without you having to retweet it and reshare it again and again.

Activate the Evergreen Tweets

It is really easy to activate the Evergreen Tweet Feature. You need to go to the Global Settings of your Twitter Scheduler and enable the settings for the feature. Once activated, the Evergreen Tweet Feature will start posting your evergreen tweets whenever your tweet scheduler has empty slots at specific times of the day.

Create Evergreen Tweets

Creating an evergreen is the real challenge. Putting out content that will stay relevant and relatable at all times is indeed difficult. However, you can always look for inspiration from people or brands who create evergreen tweets for engaging their Twitter audience. Look for ideas and create something along the lines. Make sure that it is fresh, relatable, and delivered in a short, sweet manner.

Once you have created the tweet, assess the link underneath the twitter scheduler. At Evergreen’s Tweet dashboard, simply click the ‘Add New’ option and upload the tweet. You can also add images or emojis if you feel like it.

Great Content That Can be Used For Your Evergreen Tweets

You can use a lot of great content as an Evergreen Tweet. Some great options are blogs that you have written, advertisements or brand marketing copy, and inspiration or links for other Evergreen content that you can find on Twitter.

Tweet Scheduler Slots

You can set slots for posting your tweets on your Twitter social media by going to the settings of your tweet scheduler tool. There are usually three slots for each day of the week. You can set the time and time zone by yourself according to your preferences.


Digital Marketing Strategists at NeoSols use the Evergreen Tweet feature to create exciting and effective brand marketing strategies for businesses and brands that need to create a strong online presence on Twitter. Many tools like Social Opinion provide a subscription option for the customers who want to use the Evergreen Tweet feature.

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